Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?

When it comes to home insurance add ons, there are a number of options you need to consider. However, one of the most important additions to your current policy may be flood insurance. Flood insurance has the ability to protect your property in ways other forms of insurance cannot. So if you live in or around El Centro, CA, Armorcrest Insurance Services is here to help educate you on whether you need flood insurance. 

Protecting You Where Traditional Insurance Doesn’t

As the name suggestions, flood insurance covers you in the event of a flood. So if there is a major storm, if there is an earthquake off the coast and tidal waves surge into the state, or if there is an earthquake which makes cause other waterway issues, flood insurance covers these issues. 

However, flood insurance covers more than just a natural disaster. It also covers you in the event of a water line bursting. It’s possible a water line might break within your property and flood not only inside of your home but the exterior of your property as well. Regular home owner’s insurance usually does not cover this. Thankfully, flood insurance does. This way, you can go about replacing the damage without draining your bank account. 

There are a number of available insurance options you need to consider with regards to your property. One of these options is flood insurance. Flood insurance doesn’t just protect you during a flood. It also protects you should your water line break or if you have other water damage problems as your current property insurance may not cover it. If you live in or around the greater El Centro, CA area, now is the time to contact Armorcrest Insurance Services today to find out more.