What riders can you add to condo insurance?

Buying condo insurance from Armorcrest Insurance Services to protect your El Centro, CA condo doesn’t mean purchasing a cookie-cutter policy. You can customize your condo policy to protect it and its contents with the coverage you need. You do this by adding riders to the main policy.

Rider Options for Condo Policies

Like other types of home insurance coverage, condo insurance lets you add riders to your policy, meaning a clause that covers specific situations or property. Condo insurance offers six common riders:

  • Identity theft rider: If your identity gets coopted by a criminal, this rider pays for the legal fees and experts to rectify the damage and restore your identity solely to yourself.
  • Earthquake/Hurricane coverage: If you live on any of the three coasts of the US, you may need one of these coverage riders or both. The US Gulf and the East coast get hit with annual hurricanes, and the West coast undergoes major annual earthquakes. Although Pacific hurricanes prove rare, they occur. This coverage protects you from personal property loss from these high-risk.
  • Scheduled property rider: Sometimes called a jewelry rider, this coverage affords you replacement costs for expensive jewelry and other items, such as an engagement ring.
  • Replacement cost rider: Also add a replacement cost rider if you need to recoup the cost to purchase new items if you lost them to theft, fire, etc. Condo insurance policies usually start with actual cash value, but since that pays you a depreciated value, people often want to add this rider. With it, you’d get the cost to purchase new items.
  • Pet damage rider: Many people have pets, but this insurance protects you if you run a home business involving pet sitting or walking animals. If these animals damage your condo, insurance covers the cost of repairing it.
  • At-home business rider: Rather than purchasing business insurance separately, many business owners with a condo choose to add the rider for home-based businesses. You qualify if your business generates more than $2,000 of annual income. The rider covers business equipment, including cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.

You can customize the coverage further by setting policy maximums and deductibles.

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