Common Myths about Renter’s Insurance

If your rent a home or apartment, it’s to your advantage to obtain renters insurance. Renters insurance from Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA can protect your personal goods from unforeseen calamities like fire, water damage, or theft. Despite the benefits of this coverage, many people go without due to having misconceptions about coverage or costs. By separating fact from fiction, you can benefit from all that a renter’s insurance policy has to offer.

Myth: Renter’s Coverage is Costly

On average, you can obtain a renters insurance policy for a fairly reasonable price. By bundling your policy with your auto insurance, you could qualify for even lower premium costs.

Myth: Renters Insurance Is Not Worth the Price

If you think this coverage isn’t worth buying, consider all the goods you would have to replace out of pocket if you were to suffer a fire, water damage due to burst pipes, or break-in. Personal property coverage will protect your furniture, appliances, clothing, laptop, gadgets, jewelry, sports equipment, and more. If you can get help replacing one costly item, your insurance coverage would be worthwhile.

You can also obtain liability coverage under a renter’s insurance policy to help pay for medical expenses of family or friends if they have an accident while visiting your property.

Myth: Tenants are Covered under Their Landlord’s Insurance Policy

Your landlord’s property insurance protects his building, not your personal goods. If you want to protect your stuff, it’s up to you to get insurance coverage.

The bottom line is you never know when disaster will strike. Renter’s insurance puts you one step ahead of a potential catastrophe by providing you with the insurance coverage you need. To learn more about affordable renter’s insurance options and costs, talk to an Armorcrest Insurance Services agent in El Centro, CA today.