Motorcycle Insurance On The Road Or In Storage

Do Not Drive on the Road Without Motorcycle Insurance

If you live in El Centro, CA, or any of the surrounding areas and ride a motorcycle you will want to maintain insurance on your cycle whether you are riding the roads or have your cycle in storage. Motorcycle insurance is a requirement if you live in California. It is against the law to take your motorcycle on the road if you do not insurance.

To buy a license for your cycle, you need proof of insurance. While the criteria for motorcycle insurance are similar to that of automobiles, there are some specifics that our agent can review with you before you renew or buy new insurance. 

Comply with California law and check out our motorcycle insurance options at Armorcrest Insurance Services. If you are ticketed while riding your cycle without insurance you could be fined up to $200.00. If you are ticketed the second time within a three year time frame, the fine is up to $500.00. Also, you will have to pay court costs, and maybe your cycle will be impounded. It is expensive to buy back your impounded vehicle. 

Our licensed agents explain what the fines are if you do more than $750.00 damage to another person or property. You can lose your driver’s license as an uninsured motorist and you may face jail time. Speak to one of our agents at Armorcrest Insurance Services, today, and find out if your insurance is adequate. We will make sure that you are not wasting your hard-earned money by being over-insured.  

If your cycle is in storage or needs repair and you are not using your cycle never drop your insurance because when you get ready to take your cycle on the road and buy your insurance you may find yourself in a high-risk group and you will pay much more money. A cycle in storage still needs minimum storage insurance. 

Call us today and stop by for a visit with one of our licensed agents. Let us get you legally insured and safely on the road. Never go without motorcycle insurance. Access our website for more information.