Increasing Your Motorcycle Coverage After Customizing Your Bike

Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need to Know

At Armorcrest Insurance Services, we understand how much El Centro, CA, residents value their motorbikes. This is why we’re committed to helping them protect their prized possessions with comprehensive motorcycle insurance. It’s important to fully cover your motorcycle, aware that its value may have increased over time due to customizations made after the purchase of original full coverage.

Understanding Motorcycle Customization

You accessorize your bike when you fit it with manufacturer-approved components. On the other hand, when you modify its engine or repaint it at a motorcycle shop, you’re customizing it. Such customizations require a review of your insurance to ensure your bike is still fully covered.

Effect of Customizing Your Motorcycle

Modifications, even minor ones, can significantly enhance the value of your motorcycle. As such, any increase in value after your initial insurance coverage could mean your bike is no longer fully insured. Motorcycle policies use varying valuation methods including actual cash value, stated value, or agreed value.

If, during your policy purchase, you opted for the stated value, you might need to revise your coverage to account for any enhancements made to your bike. This way, you ensure the policy accurately mirrors its full value.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it’s important to update your coverage according to any improvements made on your bike.

For an extensive motorcycle insurance review and update, reach out to Armorcrest Insurance today. Don’t risk riding on El Centro, CA, streets without comprehensively insuring your bike. Let us help you protect your valued possessions and the investments you’ve made in them. Get a quote on motorcycle insurance today!