Types of Boat Insurance Policy Options in El Centro, CA?

An incredible moment of fun in the water is both breathtaking and fascinating. An outing, fishing, or just waterskiing is a great way to relax. In El Centro, CA, purchasing boat insurance is critical as one feels safe from unexpected eventualities that may lead to losing your investment or life. One may not be in a position to repair their boats after an accident occurs, and insurance comes in handy. Boat insurance will see you get paid for financial loss accrued to a boat accident.

A boat out of commission needs to be covered, too. Although the risk is different from when the boat is afloat, risks such as theft, fire, vandalism, and lightning, among others, can happen. Most Marinas and local authorities will require one to have at least a third-party liability coverage to access their mooring services. Armorcrest Insurance Services offers the ultimate protection you require for your vessel in El Centro, CA. Visit or call Armorcrest today, and our agents will provide a solution for your boat insurance needs.

The following are types of boat insurance available in California:

  • Equipment coverage– Navigation equipment and other high-value gadgets are unique valuables that need protection, and policies exist to cover them against unforeseen damage or loss.
  • Consequential Loss– Damage resulting from wear and tear depreciation, as opposed to an accident, is covered here.
  • Under-insured and Uninsured boat covers– This policy protects you or anyone using your boat against any property loss or bodily injury caused by other uninsured or underinsured boaters.
  • Medical liability coverage– In an accident resulting in bodily injury, you and your crew are covered on this policy.
  • Disablement liability– Some costs, such as the cost of undertaking certain boat repairs and towing costs in the event your vessel is disabled, are provided for in this policy.

 Enjoying perfect peace of mind can be the best relief for a boat owner. The best choice for a competitive boat policy that offers both comprehensive and third-party liability should be on your most wanted list. Call or visit our office at Armorcrest Insurance Services for all your watercraft insurance needs in El Centro, CA, and helpful information that will leave you rich and enjoying your perfect peace of mind.