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Commercial Insurance in California

Whether you are a small or large business in California, you should be protected with commercial insurance. Commercial insurance, also known as business insurance, is specialized coverage for businesses with employees. Although you can customize your policy for your specific needs, there are two main types of coverage that you should think about: commercial property insurance and general business liability coverage.

What is Commercial Property Insurance for Businesses?

Commercial property insurance offers you coverage in the event that your business’ building is damaged or destroyed. Losses can come at a considerable detriment, having property insurance could keep your business running by paying for repairs if there is a storm, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or other destructive damages to your property. The independent insurance agents at Armocrest Insurance Services LLC can go over the specific types of property insurance you should have for your company.

The Details of General Business Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is specifically designed for recouping losses for someone who is injured on your property. As a business owner, you may have customers that could be accidentally injured during store hours. This may include slips and falls from a wet floor, being cut from unsecured displays, or being burned in a restaurant. Having liability insurance can protect you from paying an enormous hospital bill or exorbitant legal fees.

Additional Commercial Insurance Coverage

According to the Department of Industrial Relations, all employers in California must purchase worker’s compensation if they have one or more employees. Worker’s compensation is a type of liability insurance that covers employees that are injured while at work. This insurance also protects employers from being sued for negligence on the worksite or medical bills associated with the injuries.

In El Centro, CA, our independent insurance agents at Armocrest Insurance Services LLC are ready to help you with your commercial insurance policy. We can provide an adequate and comprehensive assortment of policies and insurance plans to fit your company’s needs.

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