Types of Motorcycle Licenses Needed In California

When you drive a motorcycle in California, the DMV offers three different types of licenses depending on your vehicle type. You will have to have insurance to register and take the motorcycle skills test in California.

Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA has motorcycle insurance that meets the state requirement and can offer you more coverage if you choose. When an accident happens, motorcycle insurance covers damage to your bike and injury to yourself and others. You can be fined $200 for operating a motorcycle without insurance. 

Types of Motorcycle Licenses in California

An M1 license is the standard license used for operating a motorcycle in California. This license lets you drive two and three-wheeled motorcycles with 150 cc engines, motor-driven cycles with smaller engines, mopeds, and motorized scooters. Only these licenses allow you to drive all these different vehicles. An M2 license only allows you to drive mopeds, motorized bikes, and scooters. That is the difference between the two licenses. 

When you have a Class C Driver’s license, you do not have to get an additional license. You will still have to meet the requirements and be tested to be sure you can drive the motorcycle safely. You will be given a written test and a driving test. 

Requirement For Applicants Under 21

Those under age 21 are required to take the California Motorcycle Safety Program, which includes 5 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of driving. Those over 21 do not have to take the course but are encouraged to do so. Those who want extra training can enroll in the Premier Course.

Taking the course can get you a waiver from taking the driving test, and insurance companies like to see drivers care about safety. Those under 21 must obtain a six-month permit before applying for a motorcycle license. 

Motorcycle Skills Test

On the motorcycle skills test, drivers will be asked to identify motorcycle parts like the starter, throttle, brakes, and turn light. You will be tested on riding within the lines, weaving, circling, riding slowly, and shifting gears. A test is required to prove you can operate the motorcycle safely. 

Motorcycle insurance is required by state law and protects you in the event of accidents. Call us at Armorcrest Insurance Services El Centro, CA, or fill out the online form to learn more about the motorcycle insurance that is right for you.