Condo Upgrades that Will Increase Its Value

Updating your El Centro, CA condo is a great way to enhance its looks, boost security, and increase its value. The following upgrade ideas from Armorcrest Insurance Services can make a marked difference in the looks and function of your condo without depleting your budget.

Granite Kitchen Counters

Replacing old kitchen counters with granite countertops will refresh your entire kitchen and boost your condo’s value. Granite counters are practical, durable, and beautiful, making them a smart addition to your kitchen environment.  

Upgrade Appliances

Upgrading major appliances will also raise your condo’s value while giving you products that offer better use and versatility. Consider stainless steel appliances with smart features to get the most from your investment.   

Tweak Your Bathrooms

The right “tweaks” can make a common bathroom a more elegant environment. Depending on your current setting, consider replacing old cabinets, upgrading to marble counters, adding recessed lighting, updating faucets, and putting in a rainfall shower to give your bathroom a sleek, modern touch. Investing in new accessories like designer hand towels, soap dispensers, and bath mats will help complete the look you want.

Upgrade Condo Windows and Doors

Older condos can receive a facelift by upgrading windows and exterior doors. New, energy-efficient windows will reduce the noise level in your condo and enhance security. An ornamental, steel door will reinforce security and add a welcoming touch to your El Centro, CA condo. Make sure your exterior doors have deadlocks for protection against theft and intrusion.

Once you’re done, remember to add upgrades to your condo insurance so they will be protected along with the rest of your structure. If your condo is damaged by fire, lightning, or other covered peril, condo dwelling insurance will help cover your losses. For optimal protection, contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to update your condo insurance today.