My Condo Association Has An Insurance Policy — So, Why Do I Need Insurance, Too?

When you buy a condominium in El Centro, CA, you’ll join a homeowners association (HOA), which is a group of similar property owners your shared-space environment. HOA members set rules for your condo complex and handle the upkeep of common areas and buildings. The HOA has insurance coverage paid by HOA member fees that cover risks to those buildings. However, you should also have your own insurance to cover items like personal property and risks to your own condo that the HOA insurance doesn’t cover. Armorcrest Insurance Services has compiled a list of HOA questions you should ask to ensure you are properly protected. 

What Kind Of Insurance Does Your HOA Have? 

Most HOAs have a condo master policy that covers everything outside of your unit, leaving you to cover everything inside, such as your possessions, and structural elements such as floors, walls, cabinets, and fixtures. However, some HOAs have all-in coverage, meaning that common areas and buildings, and the structural elements in your unit are covered, too. In that case, you would only need coverage for personal property such as clothing, electronics, appliances, etc. 

Does the HOA Insurance Cover Liability? 

Most condo master policies cover guest injuries that occur in common areas like the gym, tennis court, or pool, but not guest injuries that occur in your unit, or a tennis court. Most condo owners need the extra protection of personal liability coverage.  

Have You Read The HOA Insurance Policy? 

Ask your HOA for a copy of their master insurance policy and read it carefully. This will help ensure that you won’t be in for any unpleasant surprises if an incident occurs in your unit. It will also help you determine what condo coverage you need to protect yourself.

For more information about how to find the best insurance protection for you and your El Centro, CA condominium, call the insurance experts at Armorcrest Insurance Services today.