Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Your Helmet?

In a motorcycle accident, the destruction can be unpredictable. Armorcrest Insurance Services, which serves the motorcycle riders of El Centro, CA, understands that damage does not only affect your physical health and your motorcycle. Your gear, including your motorcycle helmet, can also become damaged.

If you spend a lot of money on your safety gear, you want to know if insurance will cover your helmet. This is what you need to know.

Helmets May Not Be Covered in Standard Policies

A motorcycle helmet protects the most valuable part of your body. When you are in a motorcycle accident, it is common to require a new helmet afterward. Even small dents and dings can impact the integrity of your protective gear.

In many standard motorcycle policies, gear is not covered. You must read your insurance policy to ensure that you understand coverage of safety gear, including helmets. Read the policy carefully, as it may cover a helmet but no other safety gear.

In some policies, safety gear is covered to some extent. The policy may cover some of the helmet’s cost, but you may very well own a helmet that is worth more than this set amount. You may want to purchase an additional policy that will cover more of your gear.

Extra Protection Is Available

Many insurance companies offer extra protection for motorcycle gear, including helmets. You should compare policies to find the right option for you, and you should also compare add-ons to ensure that the entire cost of your safety gear will be covered.

Motorcycle coverage comes in different forms. If you live in El Centro, CA, contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to learn more about coverage for your protective gear.