3 Benefits of Condo Insurance in El Centro, CA

Do you own a condo? If so, you may not think that you need insurance to protect this investment you have made Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The fact is, condo insurance is a must-have for anyone who owns a condo in El Centro, CA. While Armorcrest Insurance Services can help ensure you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford, getting to know the benefits of this insurance can also be beneficial.

Asset Protection 

Just like your home, your condo is an asset. As an asset, you need to protect it. If you don’t have condo insurance, it means that if a fire, vandalism, theft, or some other situation arises, you are going to be on the hook for the costs. However, if you have insurance, this isn’t the case. You will be able to have money if a devastating situation occurs. 

Liability Protection 

What happens if someone is injured while on your property? If you don’t have insurance, you may have to cover the costs of their injuries out of your own pocket. No one wants to do this, as you may have to spend much more than you have, ultimately losing your condo to cover these costs. With insurance, liability situations like this are covered. 

Peace of Mind

The biggest and most appealing benefits offered by condo insurance is the peace of mind that it provides. As you can see from the information above, condo insurance is a safeguard that if the unthinkable happens, you are covered and protected. 

If you own a condo in El Centro, CA and need to purchase condo insurance, contact our team at Armorcrest Insurance Services today. We can help you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford. 

Should I Increase My Commercial Insurance Coverage During the Holidays?

If your business celebrates the holidays with gusto as many Southern California businesses do, you’ll want to increase your commercial insurance. Armorcrest Insurance Services serving El Centro, CA has the experts who can assist you with that.

Risks Increase During the Holidays

Any number of things can go wrong this time of year. From toppled trees and falling decorations to raucous holiday parties, the holidays are a time when risks increase.

Your business might want to add some festive decor to the office. This may help lift employee’s spirits but it can also increase the potential for trips and falls, or accidental injuries. That light display isn’t going to climb up on the roof and install itself, and the employee who volunteers to do it, might not be as handy is you thought they were. These are the makings of a holiday disaster.

Your Commercial Insurance Coverage

The typical commercial insurance coverages businesses opt for are, commercial property and general business insurance, and if a business has employees the state requires it to carry workers compensation insurance.

Commercial property

If you’ve decorated your business with lights and other decorations that require electrical power, and they’ve caused the building to catch fire, commercial property coverage would kick in to take care of the repairs or replace damaged equipment.

General Business Liability

In the event that one of your decorations comes falling down on top of a customer, your general business liability would kick in to help cover any injury or protect against a lawsuit from that individual.

Worker’s Compensation

If your employee/handyman fell off the ladder while putting up your office holiday decorations this insurance would help to cover any injuries sustained in the fall. 

Increase Your Commercial Coverage

Don’t let holiday mishaps endanger your business. Contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to review your policy and increase your coverage where needed.

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Renters in El Centro, CA may not understand the importance of having renters insurance. However, there are plenty of benefits that can save you from a headache in the event of an accident or theft.

Protection from Theft: The money you put toward your renter’s insurance policy can provide you peace of mind that your items are protected from potential theft.

Belongings Away from Home: Your personal belongings away from home are covered for the perils you have listed on your policy. This means you are covered if your luggage gets stolen from your hotel room or items get stolen out of your car. This coverage is limited to a portion of the total coverage.

Protection from Damage You Cause: If you cause a fire in a rental that spreads to a neighbor’s rental then you are responsible for any damages unless you have liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you from most of the damages you cause.

Protection from Visitors’ Injuries: If you have liability insurance and someone falls and gets injured at your rental home then your policy covers not only the cost of medical bills but also legal bills.

Dog Bites: Many policies can provide coverage if your dog bites someone, either on your property or away from home. Be sure to check your policy at Armorcrest Insurance Services. Some policies restrict coverage for certain dog breeds.

Legal Costs if You Are Sued: If you accidentally hurt someone or someone gets injured then the coverage pays for legal costs up the stated limit. You choose the limit when you get a policy in El Centro, CA.

Hotel Costs after a Disaster: If your home is undergoing repairs after a disaster then coverage pays for additional living expenses for your temporary living situation.

Contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to get a quote on renters insurance. 

Do You Have to Have A Motorcycle Policy on a Motorcycle that is Not Being Driven on the Road?

A motorcycle is a great thing but you do want to make sure that you are fully protected no matter where you are driving your motorcycle. You do have to have an insurance policy on those bikes that are being driven on the road but do you have to insure bikes that are not going to go out on the road? For those in the El Centro, CA area, the agents with Armorcrest Insurance Services can help you to find the perfect policy for your bike.

Technically, you only have to have an insurance policy on those vehicles that are licensed and that can be legally driven on the road. If you do have a motorcycle that is not being driven on the road, you do need to remove the tag before you can drive it off road with no insurance. That being said, it is never a good idea to drive any sort of vehicle without insurance of some sort. You want to make sure that you are keeping insurance on any car or motorcycle that you might decide to drive on the road or that you want to keep licensed.

In order to license your bike, you do have to show proof of insurance. For those that are driving a motorcycle off road recreationally but that do not have it tagged, you do not have to have it insured even though it is a bad idea not to. Any damage that occurs to the bike as a result of something like a wreck off road is not going to be covered by anyone but yourself unless you do have some sort of insurance coverage.

For those in the El Centro, CA area, the agents with Armorcrest Insurance Services can help you to get the best policy for you.

What El Centro, CA Boaters Need To Know About Rust Maintenance On Their Boats

In addition to having a boat insurance policy from Armorcrest Insurance Services, it is essential to maintain the quality of your boat. California boat owners who enjoy taking on the open ocean water know that over time, the saltwater can cause significant rust damage. If you have recently purchased a boat in the El Centro area and looking to get into boating, below are tips to consider for rust maintenance on your ocean watercraft.

Freshwater Rinse

Once you conclude your boat ride on the ocean waves and you return to shore, it is critical that you give your boat or watercraft a freshwater rinse to remove the excess salt water that is lingering on your boat. Leaving the salt on your boat will reduce the corrosion potential. You want to make sure that you wash all areas on the bottom of the boat thoroughly with warm water during the rinse.

Use Sponges During Washes

Once you have arrived home with your boat or back to its storage location, make sure to thoroughly wash down the boat with soap and water while using a sponge. Having the basic washing materials will allow you to remove the dirt and salt from the vessel, and prolong the steel and metal on the boat. Once a month, even if the boat has not been on the water, make sure to give it a thorough wash with a sponge to remove any external debris from the outside environment that could cause corrosion over time. 

Add Insurance Protection, Also

Obtaining a boat or watercraft insurance policy from Armorcrest Insurance Services will also assist boat owners in El Centro, CA to protect their investment. Call our agents today for more information and get the policy you need. 

Umbrella Insurance: Extra Protection for a Small Investment

Insurance coverage protects your valuable assets from financial misfortune. From the car you drive every day to the business it took you years to build, the right combination of insurance coverages can secure your future and ensure your family’s legacy.

However, there are times when your basic coverage isn’t enough. In these instances, an umbrella policy from Armorcrest Insurance Services could be the only thing standing between you and complete financial ruin. How can an umbrella insurance policy protect your El Centro, CA property?

Home Insurance

Whether you live in a condo or own a sprawling estate, residential property insurance pays for loss or damage to your residence and most of its contents. Sometimes, however, big events can cause you to lose everything. When that happens, your limits may not be enough to help you repair your home and replace all of your personal items.

Talk to your agent about adding umbrella insurance to your homeowner’s insurance. For a small monthly fee, you gain peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll always have the cash to rebuild.

Commercial Policies

Your business needs special protection from a variety of common threats. Commercial property, auto, and general liability are a few of the important ways you can use to protect your enterprise.

Keep in mind, however, that many businesses are vulnerable to public opinion. An injury or accident can ruin your reputation and put your entire business at risk. When your cash flow is compromised due to a covered event, your umbrella insurance gives you extra funds to navigate through the tough times.

Customized Insurance for All of Your Important Assets

Talk to the agents at Armorcrest Insurance Services for personalized guidance on your El Centro, CA insurance needs. Let us show you how an umbrella insurance policy can help you keep your property safe.

Be Sure to Look Out for These Top 4 Condo Insurance Coverages

Purchasing a condominium means you are a homeowner. HOA are homeowners associations you will belong to. There are members of the HOA that manage the insurance to keep common areas and the greater building maintained. There is insurance that covers the buildings. Having your own insurance that will cover individual needs not covered under the HOA is a wise move. Armorcrest Insurance Services serving El Centro, CA, can help you understand your HOA and recommend additional insurance.  

If you own or lease a condo, chances are you have some type of insurance. There are several different kinds of insurance that cover personal property and other unique aspects of condominium ownership. Here are 4 top insurances to consider for your condo.

Master Policy Homeowners

This is typical coverage many people will get. There are usually fees collected by the HOA. There are a few levels of coverage from minimum to maximum and they can cover basic structure and fixtures to full restoration of units.

Standard Liability Insurance

This form of insurance can help if you have guests or residents who have accidents in common areas around the property. It can be helpful if you may ever find yourself in a lawsuit as well.

Personal Property Coverage

Anything in your condo unit that is not a fixture, is personal property. Everything from electronics to household furnishing would be covered under personal property insurance.

Master policy deductible coverage

HOA insurances have seen increases in deductibles. This type of coverage can help reimburse you for high deductibles.

Speak to one of our representatives today at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving El Centro, CA. There are a variety of options to insure your condo from personal property to particular types of insurance. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right coverage for your condo.

Health Insurance Myths

Health insurance in El Centro, CA can be a confusing insurance product and there are many myths that prevent people from getting the right kind of coverage.

Myth 1: You don’t get services until you pay the deductible.

Home and auto policies will require you to pay your deductible before your claim gets paid out, but this isn’t the case for health insurance. You do have to pay your deductible before an insurer will pay for services, but you can get access to free preventive services even before you meet your deductible. This can include screenings for cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as women’s health services.

Myth 2: Your health insurance won’t cover injuries caused by dangerous hobbies.

Health insurance will cover what is specified in your plan and it won’t matter how you got the injuries. There may be exclusions and some services that aren’t covered. This can relate to certain immunizations or infertility treatments. Exclusions will be listed in your policy so you will know in advance. Ask an agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services if you aren’t sure what is excluded.

Myth 3: You don’t need health insurance if you are young and healthy.

The best time to purchase health insurance is when you are younger and healthy since it can be hard to get insurance with a pre-existing condition. Even if you don’t think you will need health insurance, an accident can happen at any age.

Myth 4: All plans by the same provider are the same.

There will be different plans that are offered at varied price points. Some plans will cover more than others.

Myth 5: Health insurance will cover you no matter where you are.

Most health plans will want you to use medical providers in a network. You may have to pay more for out-of-network providers.

Contact Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving El Centro, CA, to get a quote on health insurance. 

When is flood insurance required?

If you are a property owner in the El Centro, CA area, one of the most important things that you need to do is carry proper home insurance. While a base home insurance policy is normally enough for most people, there are situations in which additional insurance is a requirement. In some situations, carrying additional flood insurance could be required. There are several situations in which having flood insurance could be required by you.

FHA Mortgage Requirement

One situation in which you will need to have flood insurance is if you have an FHA loan and are located in a flood zone. FEMA is a federal agency that updates a flood zone map on a regular basis. If you are in certain flood zones and have an FHA mortgage, you will be required by law to carry flood insurance. In many situations, the lender will also require that you have this escrowed on a monthly basis.

Other Lender Requirements

If you have a loan from a private bank, they still may require that you carry flood insurance. Mortgage lenders will underwrite each loan and property individually. If they determine that you are in a flood zone, or live in an area with heightened risk, they could require you to have additional flood insurance as well. This will protect their collateral and may need to be included as part of your escrow payment as well.

If you would like to learn more about your flood insurance needs or requirements, you should speak with the team at Armorcrest Insurance Services. The professionals at Armorcrest Insurance Services can help El Centro, CA area homeowners better understand their requirements when it comes to flood insurance. They can then help you get into a flood insurance policy that will properly protect your home and ensure you stay in compliance with all requirements. 

Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?

When it comes to home insurance add ons, there are a number of options you need to consider. However, one of the most important additions to your current policy may be flood insurance. Flood insurance has the ability to protect your property in ways other forms of insurance cannot. So if you live in or around El Centro, CA, Armorcrest Insurance Services is here to help educate you on whether you need flood insurance. 

Protecting You Where Traditional Insurance Doesn’t

As the name suggestions, flood insurance covers you in the event of a flood. So if there is a major storm, if there is an earthquake off the coast and tidal waves surge into the state, or if there is an earthquake which makes cause other waterway issues, flood insurance covers these issues. 

However, flood insurance covers more than just a natural disaster. It also covers you in the event of a water line bursting. It’s possible a water line might break within your property and flood not only inside of your home but the exterior of your property as well. Regular home owner’s insurance usually does not cover this. Thankfully, flood insurance does. This way, you can go about replacing the damage without draining your bank account. 

There are a number of available insurance options you need to consider with regards to your property. One of these options is flood insurance. Flood insurance doesn’t just protect you during a flood. It also protects you should your water line break or if you have other water damage problems as your current property insurance may not cover it. If you live in or around the greater El Centro, CA area, now is the time to contact Armorcrest Insurance Services today to find out more.