Can A Defensive Driving Course Lower Your Rates In California?

Your results may vary, but generally speaking, a defensive driving course is a great way to save some money on your insurance. Armorcrest Insurance Services wants to inform you of the benefits of taking a defensive driving class in El Centro, CA.

In some states, the discount is automatic:

If you pass a defensive driving course and get your certification, then your insurer is required to offer a specific discount. This discount may be a percentage or a set amount removed from the base cost. This is before any other discounts and penalties are applied, so the discount itself is not affected by any other factors directly.

California is one of the states mandating these discounts. These discounts tend to be smaller for older drivers more so than for younger drivers. If you’re over fifty-five, you’ve already got more experience under your belt than a defensive driving course can deliver so the benefits may be relatively minimal. If you’re under twenty-five, a defensive driving course can be a major boost to your relatively limited experience on the road.

If you are paying a little more than you’d like due to marks on your driving record, a discount for passing one of these courses can help to make up for that. You may even have points removed from your record following completion of the course and it will give the illusion that the speeding ticket never happened.

Different insurers will offer different discounts over the state-mandated minimum, but in El Centro CA, all insurers are required to carry these discounts by law. The courses are usually pretty cheap to attend, can be completed in under six hours, and will save you quite a bit of money over the course of the year. 

Call our agents at Armorcrest Insurance Services to find out more about how a defensive driving class can benefit you. Our offices are open to visits to find out more about your auto insurance or use our online rating tool to get quotes for your auto or home policies.

Understanding How Auto Insurance Works in Different Scenarios

Do you know what happens if your car is hit by a whiplashed tree branch? How about if your car is hit by an uninsured driver? Do you know what type of personal support you’ll get from your insurance carrier if you do happen to need help? Many drivers, unfortunately, don’t know these answers until they’re already in the midst of a rather complicated situation. Before that happens to you in El Centro, CA, Armorcrest Insurance Services wants you to learn more about how insurance works in different situations. 

More Coverage, Less Hassle 

All insurance policies have their own rules to them, and it’s, unfortunately, impossible to go over every variation. However, the general rule drivers should know is that the more coverage they have, the less time they’ll spend on the phone and the less of their own money they’ll spend on the repairs. Those who aren’t covered by their insurance will still need to make the repairs if they hope to stay safe when on the road. If you don’t have access to vehicles, there’s a lot at stake. Rather than trying to find rides to get to work after an accident, it’s worth getting better coverage now for less hassle later. 

Help and Support 

When you call an insurance company, do you have to tell your story to 5 different people? Do you feel like you’re speaking to into a vacuum? Armorcrest Insurance Services serves the people of El Centro, CA and gives them the help they need to find the right policy, but we also help people after something has happened. Whether it’s a major weather event or a one-off accident, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to talk to one of our agents. 


Items to Check to Keep Your Car Running Right

If you own a car in the El Centro, CA area, you want to keep it in shape to get you safely to your destinations. Checking these simple items can keep you on the road and help you notice something that might become a serious problem sooner or later. It takes a few minutes to check most of these and it will help keep you safe and your car running right.

  • Check the oil- your vehicle cannot run without it. It’s easy to do yourself by pulling out the dipstick, wiping it off, re-insert, and remove it to check the level.
  • Check the tire pressure- an easy way to do this is by using a tire pressure gauge. You can purchase one or go to an automatic tire pressure check and fill system.
  • Check the power steering fluid- this is something you can check yourself. Trying to drive without it makes the car difficult to control.
  • Check the antifreeze or coolant level- the car relies on this fluid to help it run properly and not overheat.
  • Check the tire tread- look for bulges or lumps in the sidewall of the tire. Have your tires rotated regularly and replaced at the recommended mileage.
  • Check the lights on the car– make sure they are all working properly.
  • Have your brakes checked regularly- if you hear them squealing, pulling to one side, or chattering when in use, replace the brake pads and check your rotors.
  • Have the wheel alignment checked– if the wheels are pulling to one direction, this may be because of your vehicles alignment. It will keep you safe and save on incorrect wear on the tires.

At Armorcrest Insurance Services in the El Centro, CA area, an agent can help you find the right auto insurance to cover you in case something goes wrong.  Contact an Amorcrest Insurance Services agent today or get a quote for your automobile with our online rating tool.