What Is Not Covered By My Condo Insurance Policy?

Your condo insurance policy will not cover the value of your unit if it is damaged by fire, lightning, or other threats beyond your control. It will also not cover loss or damage to your unit caused by you, a guest, or caused by a previous tenant. For help in El Centro, CA, call Armorcrest Insurance Services. 

Knowing More about Condo Insurance Policy 

While condo insurance is a great way to protect your investment, it does not cover all risks associated with owning a condo. The most common items that are not covered by condo insurance include: 

  • Damage to other units in the building 
  • Damage to common areas of the building 
  • Damage to landscaping, swimming pools, garages, or other improvements Damage to the foundation 
  • Damage to electrical systems 
  • Damage to plumbing 
  • Damage to the HVAC system

Each condo owner’s policy differs and will also change according to the building. Your condo board, management company, and other building owners will know what is and is not covered. The common condo claims include: 

  • Painting/refinishing
  • Improve the unit’s new flooring, kitchen countertops, etc.
  • Repairs to the exterior of your unit, such as a broken window or damaged siding.
  • Replacement of a damaged appliance, such as a damaged dishwasher or dryer.
  • HVAC system replacement.

There are a few things that you may want to look into purchasing additional coverage for. First, if you have expensive belongings (furniture, art, etc.), you may want to consider buying a rider that covers these items. 

Key Takeaways 

If your unit is damaged and not covered by your condo insurance policy, your landlord’s policy will likely cover the damage. They’ll be responsible for the cost of repairs. 

Check your condo insurance policy to see if it covers loss or damage caused by you, a guest, or caused by a previous tenant. For expert aid in El Centro, CA, get in touch with Armorcrest Insurance Services.