Four Incidents Umbrella Insurance Might Cover

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides additional coverage beyond standard policies’ limits. Policyholders may use it to protect against a range of potential incidents. Here are four that an umbrella policy might cover.

1. Boating Accidents

Boating on one of the lakes near El Centro, CA brings inherent risk. Boating accidents can result in significant injuries or death, and the boat operator is often liable. Umbrella insurance may cover liabilities exceeding the limits of a standard boating insurance policy.

2. Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to substantial liability claims, particularly if they involve serious injuries or multiple vehicles. While standard auto insurance covers liability up to a certain limit, umbrella insurance may step in when these limits are exceeded.

3. Chaperoning Events

You’re exposed to potential liabilities when you’re chaperoning an event, especially one involving minors. In situations where an accident or injury occurs under your supervision, umbrella insurance might offer coverage if you’re held responsible and the claim exceeds your homeowner’s insurance policy’s liability limits.

4. Incidental Landlord Liabilities

If you own rental property in El Centro, umbrella insurance can be particularly beneficial. It might cover incidents beyond the scope of your landlord insurance, such as a tenant’s injury claim exceeding your policy’s liability limits.

Get Umbrella Insurance with Armorcrest Insurance Services

If you need additional protection for these potential incidents, talk with us at Armorcrest Insurance Services. One of our agents can get you umbrella insurance that’ll give you the protection you need, tailoring the policy for your particular situation.