What El Centro, CA Boaters Need To Know About Rust Maintenance On Their Boats

In addition to having a boat insurance policy from Armorcrest Insurance Services, it is essential to maintain the quality of your boat. California boat owners who enjoy taking on the open ocean water know that over time, the saltwater can cause significant rust damage. If you have recently purchased a boat in the El Centro area and looking to get into boating, below are tips to consider for rust maintenance on your ocean watercraft.

Freshwater Rinse

Once you conclude your boat ride on the ocean waves and you return to shore, it is critical that you give your boat or watercraft a freshwater rinse to remove the excess salt water that is lingering on your boat. Leaving the salt on your boat will reduce the corrosion potential. You want to make sure that you wash all areas on the bottom of the boat thoroughly with warm water during the rinse.

Use Sponges During Washes

Once you have arrived home with your boat or back to its storage location, make sure to thoroughly wash down the boat with soap and water while using a sponge. Having the basic washing materials will allow you to remove the dirt and salt from the vessel, and prolong the steel and metal on the boat. Once a month, even if the boat has not been on the water, make sure to give it a thorough wash with a sponge to remove any external debris from the outside environment that could cause corrosion over time. 

Add Insurance Protection, Also

Obtaining a boat or watercraft insurance policy from Armorcrest Insurance Services will also assist boat owners in El Centro, CA to protect their investment. Call our agents today for more information and get the policy you need.