The Importance of Condo Insurance in California

California residents are smart to purchase additional condo insurance that provides them with expanded coverage over that of the protection afforded them by the condominium board insurance or an HOA. While the building and common areas are likely covered by such policies, your individual unit and belongings will not be.

Armorcrest Insurance Services is here to guide you through the entire insurance process and help you secure the comprehensive coverage that you desire. Our agents are fully-trained and knowledgeable on the various types of condo insurance that is available and appropriate for their clients in the greater El Centro, CA area.

Additional Condo Coverage

Additional coverage that you obtain personally will work in tandem with the building’s Master Policy and help you to fill any gaps in necessary coverage. If you own a condo in the El Centro CA area,  Armorcrest Insurance Services is an informed choice for handling your coverage needs. Do not leave yourself or your property and personal belongings exposed to the risk of damage caused by fire, plumbing and other water issues, theft, or other unforeseen situations. Securing your own condo insurance will help you to rest easy knowing that you are covered in the event of a loss.

Proper coverage will also protect any improvements that you make to your unit or any damage that you may cause to another condo while doing so. Comprehensive coverage can also protect you from liability damages in the event that someone is injured in your condo. Sitting down with one of the agents at Armorcrest Insurance Services can help you to better understand where there may be gaps in the Master Policy provided by your Condominium Association and how to fill them.

The entire time at Armorcrest Insurance Services is dedicated to providing their clients the coverage they need!