Differences Between Homeowners and Renters Insurance

Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA specializes in homeowners and rental insurance.  The California Department of Insurance offers many services.  For instance, there is a section on Homeowners’ Studies which included an article on Underwriting Guidelines and Access to Homeowners Insurance.   

Homeowners and rental insurance serve the needs of the public to protect their residences and personal property to provide for a safe environment.  Armorcrest Insurance Services clients chose these insurances at various points in their lives. Typically, young married couples want to have their children in a new home after leaving their apartment while seniors start their new lives in retirement in a rental.

There are essential differences between homeowners and rental insurance.  It is reported that renters insurance is carried typically by less than fifty percent of all renters.  However, since most homes are financed the financial institution protects their interests and the homeowners by requiring insurance.  It is not unusual for landlords to need their tenants to cover the loss of personal property by purchasing their rental insurance.  This, of course, should reduce the cost of the building owner’s insurance premium.


  • Homeowner’s insurance Insures the home’s structure including other buildings on the homeowner’s property, subject to any exclusions and the type of claims made.
  • The owner of the rental is responsible for insuring the building from fire or flooding that may damage the renter’s property.  If the renter causes any harm to its property, the renter’s liability insurance pays for the loss of personal property.  Typically the landlord requires its renters to purchase rental insurance.
  • Homeowner’s insurance costs more than renter’s insurance.
  • Exclusions

There are similar exclusions for both insurance policies such as earthquakes and floods.

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