Security Improvements For Your Watercraft

If your boat was previously involved in an accident, seek ways to keep your boat secure in the future. Review the following security guidelines. Then, consult with an Armorcrest Insurance Services agent. The agent who serves El Centro, CA, will update your existing watercraft insurance policy.


Security improvements will keep you safe while you are actively using your watercraft. Improvements will prevent accidents plus will deter theft and vandalism. You could receive a better insurance rate once you have made security improvements.

Modern Lights

New lights will keep your boat visible to other boaters. Improved lighting will make it easier for you to navigate while aboard your boat. Consider the addition of LED lights or solar-powered lights. 

Navigational Aids

Navigational aids will prevent you from getting lost while operating your boat. Review GPS trackers and other navigational aids designed to be used aboard a watercraft. The navigational aid that you purchase should be professionally installed.


Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and security alarms will prevent damage or theft. Assess the size and style of your boat. Use your observations to help you select how many alarm products to purchase for your watercraft.

If you cook aboard your boat, consider adding a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the area where you prepare food.

Updated Storage

Consider how you currently store your boat. If you do not keep your boat covered, you may want to purchase a fitted cover to protect your boat from the elements. Another option is to rent a storage unit for your watercraft.

Insurance Update

Call one of our Armorcrest Insurance Services agents to schedule an appointment. An agent who serves El Centro, CA, will modify your boat insurance policy.