Be Sure to Look Out for These Top 4 Condo Insurance Coverages

Purchasing a condominium means you are a homeowner. HOA are homeowners associations you will belong to. There are members of the HOA that manage the insurance to keep common areas and the greater building maintained. There is insurance that covers the buildings. Having your own insurance that will cover individual needs not covered under the HOA is a wise move. Armorcrest Insurance Services serving El Centro, CA, can help you understand your HOA and recommend additional insurance.  

If you own or lease a condo, chances are you have some type of insurance. There are several different kinds of insurance that cover personal property and other unique aspects of condominium ownership. Here are 4 top insurances to consider for your condo.

Master Policy Homeowners

This is typical coverage many people will get. There are usually fees collected by the HOA. There are a few levels of coverage from minimum to maximum and they can cover basic structure and fixtures to full restoration of units.

Standard Liability Insurance

This form of insurance can help if you have guests or residents who have accidents in common areas around the property. It can be helpful if you may ever find yourself in a lawsuit as well.

Personal Property Coverage

Anything in your condo unit that is not a fixture, is personal property. Everything from electronics to household furnishing would be covered under personal property insurance.

Master policy deductible coverage

HOA insurances have seen increases in deductibles. This type of coverage can help reimburse you for high deductibles.

Speak to one of our representatives today at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving El Centro, CA. There are a variety of options to insure your condo from personal property to particular types of insurance. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right coverage for your condo.