Is Boat Insurance Legally Required to Operate in the Water?

Owning a boat is exciting and fun for many people. However, having a watercraft requires some planning and responsibility on the owner’s part. Individuals living in and around the El Centro, CA area can count on ArmorCrest Insurance Services to help them get the required insurance products necessary to operate their boat in the water.

Boat Insurance Options

Boat insurance is only a legal requirement in Arkansas and in Utah. Individuals owning about may take the boat out on the water without coverage. If they don’t live in these two states, boat insurance is a wonderful product to purchase anyway because it protects the owner and prevents losses while being very affordable.

Boat insurance works very much like auto insurance. It protects the operator from liability and protects them if there is a collision in the water. The insurance may also cover injuries and damage to others’ personal property. Depending on the circumstances, some boat insurance may cover a vessel in dry storage. However, most boat storage facilities carry their own insurance, which protects owners against complete loss if there is to be a fire or other similar event.

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