Benefits of Renters Insurance

Renters in El Centro, CA may not understand the importance of having renters insurance. However, there are plenty of benefits that can save you from a headache in the event of an accident or theft.

Protection from Theft: The money you put toward your renter’s insurance policy can provide you peace of mind that your items are protected from potential theft.

Belongings Away from Home: Your personal belongings away from home are covered for the perils you have listed on your policy. This means you are covered if your luggage gets stolen from your hotel room or items get stolen out of your car. This coverage is limited to a portion of the total coverage.

Protection from Damage You Cause: If you cause a fire in a rental that spreads to a neighbor’s rental then you are responsible for any damages unless you have liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you from most of the damages you cause.

Protection from Visitors’ Injuries: If you have liability insurance and someone falls and gets injured at your rental home then your policy covers not only the cost of medical bills but also legal bills.

Dog Bites: Many policies can provide coverage if your dog bites someone, either on your property or away from home. Be sure to check your policy at Armorcrest Insurance Services. Some policies restrict coverage for certain dog breeds.

Legal Costs if You Are Sued: If you accidentally hurt someone or someone gets injured then the coverage pays for legal costs up the stated limit. You choose the limit when you get a policy in El Centro, CA.

Hotel Costs after a Disaster: If your home is undergoing repairs after a disaster then coverage pays for additional living expenses for your temporary living situation.

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