Should I Increase My Commercial Insurance Coverage During the Holidays?

If your business celebrates the holidays with gusto as many Southern California businesses do, you’ll want to increase your commercial insurance. Armorcrest Insurance Services serving El Centro, CA has the experts who can assist you with that.

Risks Increase During the Holidays

Any number of things can go wrong this time of year. From toppled trees and falling decorations to raucous holiday parties, the holidays are a time when risks increase.

Your business might want to add some festive decor to the office. This may help lift employee’s spirits but it can also increase the potential for trips and falls, or accidental injuries. That light display isn’t going to climb up on the roof and install itself, and the employee who volunteers to do it, might not be as handy is you thought they were. These are the makings of a holiday disaster.

Your Commercial Insurance Coverage

The typical commercial insurance coverages businesses opt for are, commercial property and general business insurance, and if a business has employees the state requires it to carry workers compensation insurance.

Commercial property

If you’ve decorated your business with lights and other decorations that require electrical power, and they’ve caused the building to catch fire, commercial property coverage would kick in to take care of the repairs or replace damaged equipment.

General Business Liability

In the event that one of your decorations comes falling down on top of a customer, your general business liability would kick in to help cover any injury or protect against a lawsuit from that individual.

Worker’s Compensation

If your employee/handyman fell off the ladder while putting up your office holiday decorations this insurance would help to cover any injuries sustained in the fall. 

Increase Your Commercial Coverage

Don’t let holiday mishaps endanger your business. Contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to review your policy and increase your coverage where needed.