How Does Condo Insurance Work?

Insuring Your Condo

Like every other large asset in your life, your condo needs reliable insurance coverage. It’s an important part of being financially responsible, and the bank generally requires you to have it. If you have a condo and need to get it insured, call us at Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA to talk to an insurance agent who can tell you more about condo insurance. 

Condo Coverage

Condo insurance coverage is similar to home insurance, but it has a few key differences. Unlike home insurance, it does not cover the entire dwelling. It covers only the inside of your dwelling. The exception to this is for those who have made changes to the outside of the unit. These improvements would be yours to insure and to take care of. 

Liability Insurance

Condo insurance also covers your liability toward third parties. That means that if someone is in your home and gets sick or hurt, you bear the responsibility for the fault. This could result in a lawsuit against you. With liability insurance to cover the incident, you don’t have to be sued and pay it all out of pocket. 

Possessions in Your Condo

Your condo coverage will also cover all of the possessions you have inside your unit. It’s a good idea to take a basic inventory of the items you own in case there is a calamity that ruins or destroys them. Take pictures around your condo, photographing each room that has your belongings in it.

Getting Condo Insurance

If you need condo insurance, or you want to switch companies for a new policy, contact us at Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA. Make an appointment with an agent to discuss your needs and the type of coverage your bank requires for you to keep on your condo.