How Does an Umbrella Policy Work?

Umbrella insurance is simply defined as a type of personal liability insurance policy that covers the policyholder when a claim is in excess of what typical insurance policies for automobiles or homes will pay.  These policies cover not just the policyholder, but other members of the household or family as well.  Umbrella insurance protects you by providing additional coverage if the cost of a lawsuit against you goes above the protection of your primary auto, homeowner, or renters’ insurance.  For example, umbrella policies usually cover libel, slander, false arrest, and invasion of privacy.  Incidents, where you file a claim on these policies, do not have to involve your actual property or vehicle. You are also covered worldwide by an umbrella policy.  In the El Centro, CA area you may want to contact an agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services about umbrella coverage if any of the following apply to your household or lifestyle:

  • You have a teenage driver.
  • You own a dog.
  • The children in the household have a trampoline.
  • You have a swimming pool.
  • You own rental property or properties.
  • You employ household staff.
  • You have a hot tub. 
  • You host large gatherings or parties on your property. 

Typically to be eligible for an umbrella policy your insurance company may require you to purchase and maintain specific minimum underlying liability limits on your original home or auto insurance.  Not all insurance companies offer this kind of policy. Visit us to start your search for an umbrella policy then in the El Centro, CA area contact an agent at Armorcrest Insurance Services who can help you purchase the right umbrella policy.  Anyone in need of extra coverage to pay expenses the usual policy will not pay should ask about an umbrella policy.

Condo Upgrades that Will Increase Its Value

Updating your El Centro, CA condo is a great way to enhance its looks, boost security, and increase its value. The following upgrade ideas from Armorcrest Insurance Services can make a marked difference in the looks and function of your condo without depleting your budget.

Granite Kitchen Counters

Replacing old kitchen counters with granite countertops will refresh your entire kitchen and boost your condo’s value. Granite counters are practical, durable, and beautiful, making them a smart addition to your kitchen environment.  

Upgrade Appliances

Upgrading major appliances will also raise your condo’s value while giving you products that offer better use and versatility. Consider stainless steel appliances with smart features to get the most from your investment.   

Tweak Your Bathrooms

The right “tweaks” can make a common bathroom a more elegant environment. Depending on your current setting, consider replacing old cabinets, upgrading to marble counters, adding recessed lighting, updating faucets, and putting in a rainfall shower to give your bathroom a sleek, modern touch. Investing in new accessories like designer hand towels, soap dispensers, and bath mats will help complete the look you want.

Upgrade Condo Windows and Doors

Older condos can receive a facelift by upgrading windows and exterior doors. New, energy-efficient windows will reduce the noise level in your condo and enhance security. An ornamental, steel door will reinforce security and add a welcoming touch to your El Centro, CA condo. Make sure your exterior doors have deadlocks for protection against theft and intrusion.

Once you’re done, remember to add upgrades to your condo insurance so they will be protected along with the rest of your structure. If your condo is damaged by fire, lightning, or other covered peril, condo dwelling insurance will help cover your losses. For optimal protection, contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to update your condo insurance today.

How does renters insurance protect my personal belongings?

If you are living in a rented house or apartment, you need to buy a type of insurance known as renters insurance. This is a group of coverages that helps protect you and your loved ones from injuries and losses due to accidents or natural perils. Renters insurance also protects your personal items in the home based on the limits that you select. If you just rented a property in El Centro, CA, you can leave all your insurance worries to Armorcrest Insurance Services. We are here to help you every step of the way.

What exactly will your renter’s insurance cover?

Most tenants tend to ask this question, especially those who are buying insurance for the first time. Renters insurance–often known as tenant insurance helps protect you and your family against catastrophic events known as covered perils. That means you need to pay for every coverage in order to receive protection. Such hazards include theft, fire, storm, or a visitor’s injury. Here are the primary coverages in renter’s insurance.

  • Liability: If you accidentally damaged someone’s else property or a guest got injured while at your place, you will be held liable for any lawsuits or medical bills that could result from the accident.
  • Personal property: This coverage protects your personal belongings by repairing or replacing items like furniture, electronics, appliances, and clothes.
  • Additional living expenses: If the residence you rent gets too damaged that it becomes unlivable, this policy will help pay for the living expenses incurred when you lived in a temporary home.

How does renters insurance protect your belongings?

Many people buy renters insurance to protect themselves and their property, which is mostly everything in the house. Renters insurance covers items like furniture, electronics, and clothes. Your insurance company can either repair or replace, depending on your agreement. However, valuable items, documents, and priceless items require special coverage.

For more information, queries, or new policy discussion, contact Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA today!

Motorcycle Insurance On The Road Or In Storage

Do Not Drive on the Road Without Motorcycle Insurance

If you live in El Centro, CA, or any of the surrounding areas and ride a motorcycle you will want to maintain insurance on your cycle whether you are riding the roads or have your cycle in storage. Motorcycle insurance is a requirement if you live in California. It is against the law to take your motorcycle on the road if you do not insurance.

To buy a license for your cycle, you need proof of insurance. While the criteria for motorcycle insurance are similar to that of automobiles, there are some specifics that our agent can review with you before you renew or buy new insurance. 

Comply with California law and check out our motorcycle insurance options at Armorcrest Insurance Services. If you are ticketed while riding your cycle without insurance you could be fined up to $200.00. If you are ticketed the second time within a three year time frame, the fine is up to $500.00. Also, you will have to pay court costs, and maybe your cycle will be impounded. It is expensive to buy back your impounded vehicle. 

Our licensed agents explain what the fines are if you do more than $750.00 damage to another person or property. You can lose your driver’s license as an uninsured motorist and you may face jail time. Speak to one of our agents at Armorcrest Insurance Services, today, and find out if your insurance is adequate. We will make sure that you are not wasting your hard-earned money by being over-insured.  

If your cycle is in storage or needs repair and you are not using your cycle never drop your insurance because when you get ready to take your cycle on the road and buy your insurance you may find yourself in a high-risk group and you will pay much more money. A cycle in storage still needs minimum storage insurance. 

Call us today and stop by for a visit with one of our licensed agents. Let us get you legally insured and safely on the road. Never go without motorcycle insurance. Access our website for more information.

Does boat Insurance Cover Liability In An Accident?

Boat insurance is designed to protect boaters from liability and theft, and in some cases, damages to the motor or even the hull of the boat. Most insurance has specified liability coverage outlined. This type of coverage is required in most areas in order to be legal while out on the water.

Boat Liability Coverage

People who own boats need to have boat insurance if their boat has a motor. This type of coverage includes specific liability coverage and protects against accidents and other hazards. In many instances, the motor of the boat is also covered, but the hull isn’t usually included in the policy unless there is a special provision or rider. If you are interested in boat insurance, you should ask a professional insurance agent what type of coverage you need and find out what the terms and conditions outline before choosing a policy. 

Finding the Right Coverage

Finding the right coverage doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can easily determine what coverage needs you to have and how to get them when you work with a knowledgeable insurance agent. They can also present you with a variety of policies to help make the process easier. They can even help with claims in the future, if necessary. Those who live near the El Centro, CA area, should consult with Armorcrest Insurance Services to find out more about options and to speak with an agent to get answers to questions. 

Call or stop by Armorcrest Insurance Services today to find out more about how they can protect boaters living in or around the El Centro, CA area and help them protect their investment. 

Why Commercial Insurance is Important

Commercial insurance serves a vital function in the American economy. Without it, nothing would work properly. Commercial insurance protects the economy from failing by taking on some risks of the creation of products and services. In some states, and for certain kinds of operations, businesses are required by law to carry commercial insurance. Without commercial insurance, there would be no food to eat, no electricity, no deliveries, and nothing we expect to be a part of our modern lives.

The largest employer in America, in terms of the total number of workers, is the over seven million small businesses that makeup over half of the American economy. They include every type of business imaginable such as bakeries, florists, service companies, contractors, corner grocery stores, auto mechanics, home-based businesses of all kinds, and so much more.

All the small businesses in America have one common characteristic. Without adequate commercial insurance protection, one severe, adverse event or lawsuit could wipe them out of business and take the owner’s net worth down, along with the company.

Business owners have so many responsibilities that include taking care of their workers, protecting their customers, and making sure their products and services do not cause any harm to others. One simple mistake can cost a business owner a small fortune if there is no insurance protection in place to cover the damages when something goes wrong.

One in three businesses faces severe hazards each year. All businesses in America will become involved in a lawsuit at some point. Nearly 100% of the small businesses have some litigation involvement, either as a plaintiff or a defendant, every year that the business operates.

Despite these clear warnings, up to 75% of U.S. businesses are underinsured and 40% of small business owners have no commercial insurance at all. Don’t be on the wrong side of these numbers. You can lose everything. Get a risk analysis and commercial insurance review from an expert agent at Armor Insurance Group, serving Virginia Beach, VA and the nearby communities.

Contact your agent at Armor Insurance Group in Virginia Beach, VA to get a quote for commercial insurance today.

5 Ways to Safeguard your Vacation Condo

There’s nothing like owning a vacation condo in California for summer fun in the sun. When your condo’s not in use, however, it should be safe and secure from break-ins or vandalism. Here are some valuable tips from Armorcrest Insurance Services on how to protect your El Centro, CA condo during the off season. 

Install Security System

Installing a security system in your condo can help protect it against theft or intrusion when you’re not there. Your system can include an alarm, motion sensors and surveillance camera that you can monitor from your cell phone from wherever you are.  

Timer Lighting System

You can also put your condo’s lights on a timer system to have them turned on and off at scheduled times while you’re gone. This gives the impression that someone is home at all times. If criminals are staking out condos in your area, a timer lighting system can help deter them from targeting your home.

Establish a Rapport with Neighbors

After buying your condo, take time to get to know your neighbors. Making friends with neighbors can work in your behalf as they can help keep an eye on your condo when you’re away. Friendly neighbors can also help you feel more secure when you are home as you know they have your back in your time of need.

Hire a Home Away Service

Contract a home away service to check your condo periodically during the months you’re not there. Your service can inspect your condo inside and out to make sure everything is in order and that there are no breaches in your security.

Purchase Condo Insurance

Condo insurance from Armorcrest Insurance Services in El Centro, CA, will protect your vacation condo against any eventuality year round. To learn more about condo insurance coverage, call or visit our office today.

3 Benefits of Condo Insurance in El Centro, CA

Do you own a condo? If so, you may not think that you need insurance to protect this investment you have made Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The fact is, condo insurance is a must-have for anyone who owns a condo in El Centro, CA. While Armorcrest Insurance Services can help ensure you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford, getting to know the benefits of this insurance can also be beneficial.

Asset Protection 

Just like your home, your condo is an asset. As an asset, you need to protect it. If you don’t have condo insurance, it means that if a fire, vandalism, theft, or some other situation arises, you are going to be on the hook for the costs. However, if you have insurance, this isn’t the case. You will be able to have money if a devastating situation occurs. 

Liability Protection 

What happens if someone is injured while on your property? If you don’t have insurance, you may have to cover the costs of their injuries out of your own pocket. No one wants to do this, as you may have to spend much more than you have, ultimately losing your condo to cover these costs. With insurance, liability situations like this are covered. 

Peace of Mind

The biggest and most appealing benefits offered by condo insurance is the peace of mind that it provides. As you can see from the information above, condo insurance is a safeguard that if the unthinkable happens, you are covered and protected. 

If you own a condo in El Centro, CA and need to purchase condo insurance, contact our team at Armorcrest Insurance Services today. We can help you get the coverage you need for a price you can afford. 

Should I Increase My Commercial Insurance Coverage During the Holidays?

If your business celebrates the holidays with gusto as many Southern California businesses do, you’ll want to increase your commercial insurance. Armorcrest Insurance Services serving El Centro, CA has the experts who can assist you with that.

Risks Increase During the Holidays

Any number of things can go wrong this time of year. From toppled trees and falling decorations to raucous holiday parties, the holidays are a time when risks increase.

Your business might want to add some festive decor to the office. This may help lift employee’s spirits but it can also increase the potential for trips and falls, or accidental injuries. That light display isn’t going to climb up on the roof and install itself, and the employee who volunteers to do it, might not be as handy is you thought they were. These are the makings of a holiday disaster.

Your Commercial Insurance Coverage

The typical commercial insurance coverages businesses opt for are, commercial property and general business insurance, and if a business has employees the state requires it to carry workers compensation insurance.

Commercial property

If you’ve decorated your business with lights and other decorations that require electrical power, and they’ve caused the building to catch fire, commercial property coverage would kick in to take care of the repairs or replace damaged equipment.

General Business Liability

In the event that one of your decorations comes falling down on top of a customer, your general business liability would kick in to help cover any injury or protect against a lawsuit from that individual.

Worker’s Compensation

If your employee/handyman fell off the ladder while putting up your office holiday decorations this insurance would help to cover any injuries sustained in the fall. 

Increase Your Commercial Coverage

Don’t let holiday mishaps endanger your business. Contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to review your policy and increase your coverage where needed.

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Renters in El Centro, CA may not understand the importance of having renters insurance. However, there are plenty of benefits that can save you from a headache in the event of an accident or theft.

Protection from Theft: The money you put toward your renter’s insurance policy can provide you peace of mind that your items are protected from potential theft.

Belongings Away from Home: Your personal belongings away from home are covered for the perils you have listed on your policy. This means you are covered if your luggage gets stolen from your hotel room or items get stolen out of your car. This coverage is limited to a portion of the total coverage.

Protection from Damage You Cause: If you cause a fire in a rental that spreads to a neighbor’s rental then you are responsible for any damages unless you have liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you from most of the damages you cause.

Protection from Visitors’ Injuries: If you have liability insurance and someone falls and gets injured at your rental home then your policy covers not only the cost of medical bills but also legal bills.

Dog Bites: Many policies can provide coverage if your dog bites someone, either on your property or away from home. Be sure to check your policy at Armorcrest Insurance Services. Some policies restrict coverage for certain dog breeds.

Legal Costs if You Are Sued: If you accidentally hurt someone or someone gets injured then the coverage pays for legal costs up the stated limit. You choose the limit when you get a policy in El Centro, CA.

Hotel Costs after a Disaster: If your home is undergoing repairs after a disaster then coverage pays for additional living expenses for your temporary living situation.

Contact Armorcrest Insurance Services to get a quote on renters insurance.