Why Umbrella Insurance Plans Could Become More Popular in the Years Ahead

Many individuals and families are now adopting umbrella insurance plans to increase coverage for various events. It’s wise to take an in-depth look at your situation and potential risks. Then, you can work with an insurance agent to consider different umbrella insurance policies that could provide peace of mind and improve your overall financial security. If you live in or near El Centro, CA, and want to speak with knowledgeable insurance agents serving the area, contact Armorcrest Insurance Services.

A Quick Look at Umbrella Insurance and Why So Many Take-Out Policies

Umbrella insurance is often used to either expand or increase coverage. Let’s say a home insurance policy provides coverage for $100,000 for personal injuries that occur on your property. With how expensive medical care is, that’s actually not that much. So, you could take out an umbrella insurance plan to increase coverage from $100,000 to $200,000.

The personal injury coverage might also be limited. The policy might not cover damage caused by one of your pets, such as a dog. So, you may also be able to find an umbrella insurance policy that would expand coverage to cover dog bites.

The above examples are only for illustrative purposes, and it’s crucial to examine individual policies closely. However, rising overall costs, including property and medical care, make umbrella insurance more attractive. Local conditions, such as increasingly unpredictable and severe weather events, can also make such policies more attractive. Various other localized factors could be in play, so working with local insurance agents is smart.

Want to explore umbrella insurance policies? If you’d like to speak with insurance agents serving El Centro, CA, contact Armorcrest Insurance Services.

Do I Need Extra Liability Insurance for My Condo?

The state doesn’t require you to have condo insurance for your El Centro, CA unit, but your condo homeowners’ association may require it. The same goes for specific policy provisions. Liability is a significant part of condo insurance policies that you may need before moving into your home. However, when do you need excess liability coverage? Armorcrest Insurance Services can help determine if buying extra liability coverage is a smart move for you.

Doesn’t the Condo Building’s Master Policy Cover Liability?

Yes, it does, but only to a certain extent. The master policy covers injuries and mishaps in the complex’s common areas, such as hallways, parking garages, clubhouses, etc. That’s true even if the individual injured is your guest. Yet, you are still responsible for any injuries that may happen to your guests that occur within your unit. Most condo liability coverage provides $100,000 to $500,000 in liability coverage.  Coverage typically includes:

  • Damage caused by pets
  • Damage you may cause to others’ property
  • Medical payments to those injured
  • Legal representation if you are sued

Some policies also provide protection if your association issues a special assessment if someone is injured in a common area.

Are My Policy Limits High Enough?

Condo owners who live in luxury buildings, are public figures, or have frequent parties inside their residences may want to consider higher liability limits. It’s important to consider the potential risks that these situations can pose. You may want to include a special provision covering injuries caused by your dog, even if you think your puppy is perfect. If you believe your limit needs to be higher, consider adding an umbrella liability policy.

Armorcrest Insurance Services, which serves El Centro, CA residents, can help condo owners determine when they need additional liability insurance. Contact our office today to discuss your needs.

Does Your Business Qualify for a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)?

Many small businesses in California qualify for Business Owner’s Policies (BOPs). This commercial insurance package provides the four most essential types of coverage for a lower premium than purchasing each policy separately. Armorcrest Insurance Services can help you find out if your El Centro, CA, business qualifies for a money-saving commercial insurance package.

BOP Qualifications

Only small and mid-sized businesses qualify for a BOP. Although the eligibility criteria vary between insurance companies, each firm considers the class of business, the business’ location and size, and its annual revenue. Only low-risk industries can obtain a BOP, and the firm can only do business on-premises, such as a retail store or café. Let’s consider the specific criteria used:

  • Employs less than 100 individuals
  • Maintains an on-premises business
  • Generates revenue of less than $1 million annually.

Some carriers limit the purchase of a BOP to those businesses needing 12 months or less of business interruption coverage.

Why Choose a BOP?

When you find a business, tight budgeting can help you afford more business essentials. Buying a BOP enables you to afford more necessary commercial insurance to protect your fledgling firm because the policy package provides the four most commonly purchased insurance policies at a lower premium than you would pay if you purchased them separately.

Contact Us Today to Build Your Policy

Call Armorcrest Insurance Services serving El Centro, CA to set up your Business Owner’s Policy. Protect your business against liability and damage to property and equipment. Also, it can provide for your employees and your salary in the event of a business interruption, such as those caused by a natural hazard. 

Renters Insurance Considerations for Your Home

Armorcrest Insurance Services can help El Centro, CA residents find high-quality insurance policies that make sense, including renter’s insurance policies. This extra protection is critical for your home and can ensure you get the help you need for your belongings.

How Renter’s Insurance Helps You 

Renter’s insurance is designed to provide renters with extra protection for their belongings. It will cover things in your rented home and anything you might add to it, such as decorations. It also provides various types of coverage for behavioral issues that impact you.

What Renter’s Insurance Covers 

Before buying a renters insurance policy, knowing precisely what is covered and what isn’t is important. These policies are pretty comprehensive but do have some things that don’t get covered. The following items are just a few examples of what your policy protects:

  • Personal property
  • Theft
  • Smoke damage
  • Vandalism
  • Explosions
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Falling objects
  • Loss of usage
  • Living expenses after loss of use
  • Liability protection
  • Medical payments (for someone injured on your property)
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Scheduled personal property (high-value items)
  • Water backup damage 
  • Pet damage problems
  • Identity theft issues

Things Renter’s Insurance May Not Cover

Your renter’s insurance typically does not cover flood damage unless it is a standard part of your policy (rare). It also doesn’t cover earthquake damage, insect/mouse/termite/pest infestations, or your roommate’s belongings. They’ll need their own policy here.

Take Care of Your Rented Home 

With the help of our team at Armorcrest Insurance Services, you can protect your rented home in El Centro, CA, and avoid serious loss. Taking this risk seriously is important, so call us today to learn more about your options. We’ll do what we can to help you out.

Increasing Your Motorcycle Coverage After Customizing Your Bike

Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need to Know

At Armorcrest Insurance Services, we understand how much El Centro, CA, residents value their motorbikes. This is why we’re committed to helping them protect their prized possessions with comprehensive motorcycle insurance. It’s important to fully cover your motorcycle, aware that its value may have increased over time due to customizations made after the purchase of original full coverage.

Understanding Motorcycle Customization

You accessorize your bike when you fit it with manufacturer-approved components. On the other hand, when you modify its engine or repaint it at a motorcycle shop, you’re customizing it. Such customizations require a review of your insurance to ensure your bike is still fully covered.

Effect of Customizing Your Motorcycle

Modifications, even minor ones, can significantly enhance the value of your motorcycle. As such, any increase in value after your initial insurance coverage could mean your bike is no longer fully insured. Motorcycle policies use varying valuation methods including actual cash value, stated value, or agreed value.

If, during your policy purchase, you opted for the stated value, you might need to revise your coverage to account for any enhancements made to your bike. This way, you ensure the policy accurately mirrors its full value.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it’s important to update your coverage according to any improvements made on your bike.

For an extensive motorcycle insurance review and update, reach out to Armorcrest Insurance today. Don’t risk riding on El Centro, CA, streets without comprehensively insuring your bike. Let us help you protect your valued possessions and the investments you’ve made in them. Get a quote on motorcycle insurance today!

Security Improvements For Your Watercraft

If your boat was previously involved in an accident, seek ways to keep your boat secure in the future. Review the following security guidelines. Then, consult with an Armorcrest Insurance Services agent. The agent who serves El Centro, CA, will update your existing watercraft insurance policy.


Security improvements will keep you safe while you are actively using your watercraft. Improvements will prevent accidents plus will deter theft and vandalism. You could receive a better insurance rate once you have made security improvements.

Modern Lights

New lights will keep your boat visible to other boaters. Improved lighting will make it easier for you to navigate while aboard your boat. Consider the addition of LED lights or solar-powered lights. 

Navigational Aids

Navigational aids will prevent you from getting lost while operating your boat. Review GPS trackers and other navigational aids designed to be used aboard a watercraft. The navigational aid that you purchase should be professionally installed.


Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and security alarms will prevent damage or theft. Assess the size and style of your boat. Use your observations to help you select how many alarm products to purchase for your watercraft.

If you cook aboard your boat, consider adding a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the area where you prepare food.

Updated Storage

Consider how you currently store your boat. If you do not keep your boat covered, you may want to purchase a fitted cover to protect your boat from the elements. Another option is to rent a storage unit for your watercraft.

Insurance Update

Call one of our Armorcrest Insurance Services agents to schedule an appointment. An agent who serves El Centro, CA, will modify your boat insurance policy.

Four Incidents Umbrella Insurance Might Cover

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides additional coverage beyond standard policies’ limits. Policyholders may use it to protect against a range of potential incidents. Here are four that an umbrella policy might cover.

1. Boating Accidents

Boating on one of the lakes near El Centro, CA brings inherent risk. Boating accidents can result in significant injuries or death, and the boat operator is often liable. Umbrella insurance may cover liabilities exceeding the limits of a standard boating insurance policy.

2. Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to substantial liability claims, particularly if they involve serious injuries or multiple vehicles. While standard auto insurance covers liability up to a certain limit, umbrella insurance may step in when these limits are exceeded.

3. Chaperoning Events

You’re exposed to potential liabilities when you’re chaperoning an event, especially one involving minors. In situations where an accident or injury occurs under your supervision, umbrella insurance might offer coverage if you’re held responsible and the claim exceeds your homeowner’s insurance policy’s liability limits.

4. Incidental Landlord Liabilities

If you own rental property in El Centro, umbrella insurance can be particularly beneficial. It might cover incidents beyond the scope of your landlord insurance, such as a tenant’s injury claim exceeding your policy’s liability limits.

Get Umbrella Insurance with Armorcrest Insurance Services

If you need additional protection for these potential incidents, talk with us at Armorcrest Insurance Services. One of our agents can get you umbrella insurance that’ll give you the protection you need, tailoring the policy for your particular situation.

I Am Renting My Condo Out to My Family. Are They Covered Under My Condo Insurance Policy?

Renting out your condo to family members is a common scenario, but it comes with insurance considerations that warrant attention. Generally, standard condo insurance policies provide coverage for the unit owner and their personal property. However, when renting to a family, the dynamics can change, and it’s crucial to understand the nuances of your insurance coverage. Here’s information about this topic from Armorcrest Insurance Services serving the greater El Centro, CA region. 

In many cases, family members renting your condo might not be automatically covered under your policy. Condo insurance typically extends coverage to the unit owner and immediate family residing in the unit. When renting to extended family or non-relatives, their personal belongings and liability may not be covered unless explicitly stated in the policy.

To ensure comprehensive protection, consider informing your insurance provider about the rental arrangement. Some insurers offer endorsement options or supplementary policies designed explicitly for rented units. This additional coverage can encompass your family member’s personal property, liability protection, and potential loss of rental income.

Additionally, encourage your family members to obtain renters insurance. While it might not cover the structure, renters insurance can protect their personal belongings and provide liability coverage. It’s a cost-effective way for them to secure their possessions and mitigate potential liability risks.

Open communication with your insurance provider is key. Clearly outlining the rental arrangement and understanding policy limitations will help you make informed decisions about additional coverage. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your condo insurance protects your property and renting family members. If you need a new condo insurance policy, reach out to us at Armorcrest Insurance Services, serving El Centro, CA, today.

Do I Need Subcontractor Insurance When Working on a Big Project?

You’ve won the bid to work on a large construction project with many different companies supplying services to a general contractor. Since it’s a multi-million dollar project, many assume that insurance for the company sponsoring it will cover you and your workers in the El Centro, CA, area. That’s not necessarily true. Armorcrest Insurance Services can help explain why you need subcontractor insurance.

You Could Be Held Liable

Corporate and construction law does not require companies to insure the actions of their subcontractors, so most do not. If you’re working on a big construction project with many other subcontractors, you could be sued by someone injured or feels wronged, even if you were not at fault. The appropriate type of subcontractor insurance will help protect you and your company from unexpected lawsuits.

Types of Subcontractor Policies

The type of policy you should buy depends on your industry. Recommended policies depend on your work, your clients, and your exposure to risk. Every company should carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies. Yet, it would be best to consider other types of policies to cover the scope of your work. Other policies that you may want to consider include:

  • Heavy equipment and tools insurance
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Excess liability
  • Environmental
  • Errors and omissions
  • Surety bonds
  • Professional liability

Benefits of Subcontractor Insurance Policies

The main benefit of any insurance type is to protect the policyholder from financial loss, but maintaining additional subcontractor policies can help you comply with law and contract requirements while protecting your employees and professional reputation.

If you are wondering what type of additional insurance you may need, don’t worry. Contact the professionals at Armorcrest Insurance Services to help you find the best subcontractor policies for your El Centro, CA business.

All You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

If you rent an apartment or house, you may think getting renters insurance is unnecessary. However, it is one of the most important types of insurance, the purpose of which is to protect your personal belongings. Whether you are a long-term renter or rent for a short period, renters insurance offers a wide range of benefits. If you are thinking of getting a renters insurance policy, here are the things you should know:

Things To Know When Shopping For Renters Insurance

You should always take into consideration the following things when looking for renters insurance: 

  • Your personal belongings determine how much coverage you need. For example, if you have many expensive and valuable items, including furniture, electronics, and other things, you may want to consider a higher personal property minimum. If you have jewelry, artifacts, or artwork pieces, you may need additional coverage for them. 
  • You should know what is not covered. For instance, not all renters’ insurance policies cover flood and earthquake damage. If you live in a flood-prone zone, you may want to consider getting additional coverage. 
  • You can bundle your renters insurance with other insurance types. If you want to save some money, a good option might be to bundle your renters insurance with other policies you have. In some cases, you can save 10%-20% by doing that. 

Armorcrest Insurance Services – Reliable Insurance Company Serving Clients in El Centro, CA

Are you looking for renters insurance? Not sure what policy type you need? Don’t worry – reach out to Armorcrest Insurance Services, a trustworthy and reliable insurance company specializing in different types of insurance, including renters’ insurance. We work with clients in El Centro, CA, and other surrounding locations in California. Please contact us for more information.